Hi and welcome to Walkers Barber Shop, my name is Lance Walker and I want to share a little bit about my journey to become one of the premiere barbers in the area.

It all began in 1984 when I saw Carl Lewis (the Olympic gold medalist) sporting a new "box" cut and wanted my hair to be just like his. The barber I went to for this cut was from the old school; a pair of scissors and a straight razor is all he used. When I sat down and told him what I wanted he pulled out a pair of antique manual clippers. Then one snip at a time he began to rip out my hair, I decided right then and there I could do it myself with less pain. So, I saved my money and bought a pair of electric clippers. I talked my best friend into practicing on each others hair and with a little trial and error we got the hang of it.

After high school, I joined the military and kept to my roots by cutting the hair of my platoon. Upon leaving the military I attended Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and obtained my barbers license in 1992. Since then I made my way down to Chambersburg and started making a name for myself.